6 Reasons to Cross Train!

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

6 Reasons to Cross Train!

6 Reasons to Cross Train!

1 – Injury Prevention

Over use of certain muscles can happen if you focus solely on one thing – be it a move, a style or a sport. (That’s one of the reasons your instructors get you to work on both sides!)

Cross training gives the body a chance to be challenged in new ways, work in new ways and create balance in your body.

2 – Greater Fitness Levels

Efficiency, power, strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness – the list goes on! Step out of your comfort zone! Have you been training strength to get your invert? Then you’ll need endurance and CV fitness to stay upside down, transition between moves and dismount beautifully! Classes such as Tempest Training use different techniques to target different types of fitness which will complement your other skills and give you a spring board for great progress!

3 – Active Recovery

Rest and recovery are essential in between your hard work in classes! Classes such as aerial yoga  provide you with the opportunity to enjoy active recovery. Some studies have shown that “light workouts accelerate recovery beyond what happens during outright rest” – so get up off the sofa and consciously look after your body!

4 – Enhance Motivation

We’ve all been there – stuck in a rut, can’t get THAT move, frustrated…..

Don’t give up – just take a sideways step.

Picking a class that isn’t your usual one can help! It can feel like there is less pressure, new skills get your brain working outside of the box and your getting fitter and stronger ready to get back to your other class!

5 – Increase Flexibility

It’s worth taking the time to add flexibility to your cross training! Flexible muscles can make daily tasks less strenuous, such as bending to tie your shoes or reaching for objects. Whilst dancing, flexibility helps moves look more gracefully and allows you to learn a bigger repertoire of moves such as dove, cocoon, splits up the pole, crab in the hoop, splits on the silks and trapeze moves too!

You’ll also enjoy:

Improved Circulation: stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, this nourishes your muscles and can reduce recovery time if there are any muscle injuries.

Better posture: frequent stretching helps keep muscles from getting tight, aiding good posture and minimising aches and pains.

Stress relief: stretching relaxes tense muscles which accompany stress.

Enhanced coordination: maintain a full range of motion through your joints helps aid balance, helping you to stay more mobile and reduce risks of falls. Good co-ordination is vital for any dancer.

6 – Enjoyment

Cross training can help you to enjoy your dance and aerial journey, you’ll see great progress, meet different people with different interests, learn new skills, try new things and enjoy a different perspective!

Great ways to Cross Train at Tempest:

Tempest Training:

Already learning aerial silks, aerial hoop, trapeze or pole? This session will complement your training and push you to the next level.

Want to try an aerial skill but worried that you need to be stronger – why not try Tempest Training and see what you can achieve!

We use a range of equipment from trapezes to trampolines and silks to steps!

Tempest TrainingAerial Silks


Improved flexibility makes any dance move look better and is even required to make some moves possible so come along to the Tempest Flexibility class! Working on all aspects of flexibility from shoulders, back, hips and legs!


Aerial Yoga:

Join us for Aerial Yoga for strength, stretch and an opportunity to tune into and listen to your body. Use a hammock to help and support yoga moves. Its a great stress relieving total body workout!

Aerial Yoga