Classes at Tempest Dance and Fitness

Tempest Dance and Fitness have classes to suit all levels of experience from absolute beginner through to advanced.  You can advance through your gradings, learning from our fabulous instructors and of course you can come along purely for fun, building strength and fitness along the way!

Check out further information on all of our classes below;

Aerial Silks

Mastering the aerial silks takes strength, concentration and imagination and you’ll find muscles you never knew you had. We use the fabrics to learn wraps, inverts, figures and poses. Classes concentrate on aerial silks but may also include work on the aerial loop!   more

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra or Cerceau) combines dance, circus skills, choreography and fitness.  The hoop is a large steel hoop, which is wrapped to create grip, suspended from the ceiling on which you can perform a range of moves, drops and poses.  more

Aerial Trapeze

Perform poses, rolls and hangs using both the ropes and the bar.  Classes concentrate on static trapeze but will also use rope and/or corde lise to build and prepare skills.   more

Aerial Yoga

The feeling of weightlessness provided by the hammock removes compression from the spine, providing greater comfort and vastly increased freedom of movement to make more poses and postures achievable.  more


Pole dancing is art form and encourages dancers to good about their bodies’  Those who want to can have a lot of fun and gain confidence with sexy dance moves, but advanced pole dance requires a lot of strength and discipline.   more 


Burlesque classes are based around a variety of choreographies which incorporate different techniques.
It’s a fun class so be prepared to have a giggle!  more

Flexibility & Conditioning

Working on the core we aim to create strength and stability and improved flexibility makes any dance move look better and is even required for some moves. Weight bearing exercises such as running and pole dancing actually reduce flexibility as muscles shorten as they get stronger.  more

Aerial Adventures for Kids

Join Rachel for Aerial Adventures for kids.  Children can develop strength, co-ordination, structure and confidence using various pieces of aerial equipment in a safe, fun environment.   more

Aerial Strength and Conditioning

Using equipment such as Trapeze, Hoop, Silks and Rope, to name a few, This class will work on your shoulder, core, and back muscles to make you safer, less prone to injury and will enable you to train more sucessfully and for longer. This class will help you to learn new aerial skills quickly or just help you with general fitness and body conditioning.

How do I book?

To book a class, either visit our home page and click on the relevant class and date you wish to attend.