Working on the core we aim to create strength and stability and improved flexibility makes any dance move look better and is even required for some moves.

Weight bearing exercises such as running and pole dancing actually reduce flexibility as muscles shorten as they get stronger. It is therefore important to include stretching in your exercise routine to maintain and improve your flexibility.

Benefits of stretching:

Increased flexibility and joint range of motion: Flexible muscles can make daily tasks less strenuous, such as bending to tie your shoes or reaching for objects. Whilst dancing, flexibility helps moves look more gracefully and allows you to learn a bigger repertoire of moves such as dove, cocoon, splits up the pole and crab in the hoop.

Improved Circulation: stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, this nourishes your muscles and can reduce recovery time if there are any muscle injuries.

Better posture: frequent stretching helps keep muscles from getting tight, aiding good posture and minimising aches and pains.

Stress relief: stretching relaxes tense muscles which accompany stress. The relaxing music used in class also has a de-stressing effect.

Enhanced coordination: maintain a full range of motion through your joints helps aid balance, helping you to stay more mobile and reduce risks of falls. Good coordination is vital for any dancer.

What to expect in a Flex Class

After a warm up  and some conditioning moves, you will be lead through a series of stretches which are aimed to lengthen and strengthen muscles and improve balance. The stretches will cover all areas of the body, particularly focusing on the legs for splits and back flexibility. Harder and easier options are available for each move so individuals can work to their own ability.

Foam rollers, resistance bands and more may be used to create variety and target peoples requirements.

Classes are suitable for individuals with little flexibility to those working on over splits.

What are the age are limits for classes?

Flexibility = 16 Years,

We are able to provide private lessons for people and children of all ages and abilities.